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Happy 1st Birthday, Newman Pasadena!

What a year it’s been! Last year, (on my 30th birthday) we had our grand opening with Archbishop Gomez. The budding excitement in the first few weeks was electric and tangible. Since then, with the guidance of Fr. John, Fr. Tony, and Nicole Tobin, we were able to bring a beautiful community together. I love being able to know so many of you through your impromptu visits during the day, our colorful socials, and our thought-provoking discussions. Encountering you and your hearts is an illustration of the creative, magnanimous, and good heart of the Father.

Our Newman News usually only includes the reflections of the writer, but this time I would like to share some of the beautiful testimonies from our students and young adults over the last year. Many of these were shared over coffee, meals, in the Church, and from your hearts. And I’ve kept these in my heart, especially on days when (inevitably), the burdens of carrying out the mission of the Newman Center feel heavy. Your numerous encounters with the Lord through the Sacraments, our clergy and staff, and one another are like a reservoir from which I draw courage, inspiration, and contemplation in my own prayer life.

“When I moved to Pasadena, I was worried that I wouldn’t find a strong Catholic community. The Newman Center has served as an excellent venue to deepen my faith and get to know other young adult Catholics.”

“Thank you for giving us a safe, beautiful, warm place to grow in our faith!”

“The Newman Center events have brought me closer to so many quality friends…especially after being isolated during COVID lockdowns.”

“Spiritual direction with Fr. Nicholas will be very helpful for my continued formation. I’m very thankful for the gift of the presence of priests and religious in this community.”

“Newman is a place where people encounter authenticity and the joy and love of Jesus, too.”

Lastly, I would like to share a special thanks for the support and presence of the rest of the ministry team, and everyone who has helped Newman flourish. Know of our diligent prayers for you! Here’s to another year of the joy of the Gospel and falling more deeply in love with our Lord.

In the Heart of the Father, Krista

This was originally posted on Newman Pasadena's blog here.

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