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Speaker | Activist | Artist

My work in its many components is first Christ-centered and secondly human-centered. The call for Christian compassion (literally "to suffer with") is one that I reverence deeply, as it guides my ministry, my education efforts, and my daily encounters with others. 

No matter where I reside or what organization I represent, I consider myself an instrument and strive to be finely tuned to God's will. I love to serve communities, help people flourish, and do my part to build a culture of life. and a civilization of love. 

I use my gifts of communication, hospitality, and craftsmanship, in my work to share with people the joy of the Gospel and the joy of life. 


About the Speaker
Krista Corbello began speaking while on the CORE Team of Campus Ministry during her senior year in high school. She pursued Public Relations at UL Lafayette, knowing she wanted to speak for the rest of her life. Krista is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Psychology from Divine Mercy University and uses the theological, philosophical, and psychological view of the person to discuss human flourishing, communication, successful nonprofit programming, and the value and dignity of the human person.
Krista​ is a magnanimous, inspirational, and educational speaker. With extensive experience in youth presentations, she quickly captures her audience. Krista has given more than 200 presentations on topics to more than 31,000 people statewide and nationally, from intimate groups to high-energy rallies. She speaks on topics including the Catholic faith, Catholic social teaching, pro-life and consistent life ethic issues, and more. Through comedic interaction, radical authenticity, and natural crowd intuition, Krista is able to effectively speak to the hearts and minds of many. 

She has devoted her gifts and talents to mission-based work, including Catholic ministry, pro-life causes, and healing opportunities. Through her time at Our Lady of Wisdom as Programming Assistant and Louisiana Right to Life as Youth Programs Co-Director, she has spoken to churches, schools, youth groups, banquets, marches, rallies, and more since 2014. 
  • Even This Way: My Story, My Mission
  • Beautility: Art Activism
  • Impact of Abortion 
  • Peace & Justice Through Pro-Life Advocacy 
  • Compassionate Communication in the Pro-Life Movement 
  • Abortion: A Modern-Day Holocaust 
  • Human Dignity 
  • What About Contraception? 
  • Pro-Life Feminism 
  • Youth Programs & The Pro-Life Movement
  • Flourishing & Vocation 
  • Divine Mercy & Healing  
National Speaking
  • Jun. 2021 Mission of Joy Summit, Pink Salt Riot
  • Mar. 2021 Create | Encounter, Rehumanize International 
  • Jan. 2021 Envision Life, Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington
  • Oct. 2020 University of Texas in Austin, TX
  • Sept. 2020 University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX
  • Aug. 2020 Pro-Life Caucus at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, WI
  • Oct. 2019 Rehumanize Conference in New Orleans, LA
  • Jan. 2019 Geaux Forth Rally in Washington D.C. 
  • Oct. 2018 Respect Life Day in New York City with the Sisters of Life
  • Jun. 2018 National Right to Life Convention in Kansas City, KS
  • Mar. 2018 Diocesan Youth Conference in Beaumont, TX
  • Jan. 2017 Geaux Forth Rally in Washington D.C.
  • Oct. 2017 Life | Peace | Justice Conference in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Jun. 2017 Gulf Coast PULSE in Fairhope, AL
  • Jun. 2017 National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee, WI
  • Jan. 2017 Rehumanize International Meetup at the D.C. March for Life
  • Jan. 2017 Geaux Forth Rally in Washington, D.C. 
  • Jun. 2016 National Right to Life Convention in Washington, D.C. 
  • Jan. 2016 Geaux Forth Rally in Washington, D.C. 


Dr. Jimmy & Kathleen G.
Acadiana Right to Life

Tracy W.
Our Lady of Lourdes

We admire how she can get on stage and share her story. God has a bigger plan for someone with her talent.

She has a gift. She was gentle while talking about such a hard topic.

Lizzie J.
Former PULSE Student

Krista helped me discover why I'm pro-life and develop my love for the movement. I'm forever grateful for her work.



About the Activist
Like many activists, Krista started out on her high school and college campuses. One of her high school teachers faced a medically complicated pregnancy and faced the pressure of abortion from the medical field. The experience of the school-wide support for this unborn life would lay a foundation for her future activism.
In college, she served in the background with the cemetery of the innocents, bake sales, and attending pro-life presentations. She was impacted by a presentation on her campus when she realized the gravity of the human rights violation of abortion. Feeling like she did not have a place in the pro-life movement, she thought little of it for many years. 
She would later go on to work as the Youth Programs Co-Director of Louisiana Right to Life, which shaped her career and her life tremendously. As she spoke out against abortion in her pro-life educational presentations throughout her home state and even nationally, she discovered her own story of origin over the course of three years. 
In that time, she began to explore the consistent life ethic through the outreach and education of Rehumanize International. After attending their Life, Peace, Justice Conference, she was ignited with a newfound passion and was brought to a new chapter of her activism. It was at this point that she integrated her activism with her art, and she saw her musical gifts as a way to spread the message of the consistent life ethic. After winning their create | encounter contest, she served as a member of the board and is now President of Rehumanize.
Around the same time, she volunteered with a Death Penalty Repeal Coalition with the Jesuit Social Research InstituteDiocese of Lafayette and Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, among other activists. 
Krista now resides on the West Coast and collaborates with Pro-Life San Francisco and Democrats for Life of America. She has been interviewed on the podcasts of Rehumanize International and Americans United for Life. 
Her activism includes educational presentations and conversations, sidewalk advocacy, program consultation, nonprofit communications aid, and nonviolent direct action. She is the founder of Even This Way, a nonprofit that seeks to bring forgiveness to families, compassion to communities, and healing to the hurting.

Podcasts & Videos

The Arts

the arts

About the Artist
In Pope John Paul II's Letter to Artistshe writes "Beauty is a key to the mystery and a call to transcendence. It is an invitation to savor life and to dream of the future." Krista's call to experience and express beauty is ultimately a response to this invitation. 

Krista is a lifelong artist. She is a singer/songwriter, dancer, calligrapher, and enjoys musical theatre, painting, and using "beautility," or "effective beauty" in her work. 
Her worldview is through a contemplative lens, which guides her experience and perception of the world, including how she consumes beauty. This impacts the way she encounters relationships, her art, and her work. 

An artist's perception of beauty is a part of the creative experience, but beauty is also a form of self-expression. A creative firecracker, Krista is passionate about crafting her message whether she is on a stage, writing a song, or storytelling. 

Learn more about Krista's music! 
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